Thursday, May 1, 2014

Student Perspective: The Old City of Jaffa (Yaffo)

8th Grade delegate Eden shares about Yaffo:

Today was the first day of our Israel Adventure. We came together at the LAX airport, after almost two and a half hours of yelling our way through the Tuesday morning traffic. 

The flight to Israel was about 14 hours, (without any exaggeration). On the plane, sleep was at a minimum for most of us. Movies were watched and games were played. That's why it didn't feel real when I got up to see the sunset, and then less then an hour later, see it rise. we arrived to Ben Gurion Airport - I am in Israel. immediately I felt the warmth and homeliness that this country gently pushes onto you as you are walking through it's ancient, worn streets. 

Walking through Yaffo was really like walking through history and the past. Yaffo is the enchanting old, in the middle of the modernized new. The city is a piece of the country that is timeless, with stories going all the way back to the date of the Gods and Goddesses. I was mesmerized with the intricate jewelry and the stories and the music that was played for us. I was mesmerized, and still am. Yaffo was one of the most memorable places that could have started this trip, and I am positive I will seen the events of our time in the city replaying tonight in my dreams. 

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