Friday, May 2, 2014

Israel - Day 2

Today's blog post is written by 8th grade student, Gabi.  She shares the following with us:

Israel continued to amaze me on our second day of this adventure. It feels like a dream. We started off the day at our friend's school, huge with seven buildings like in the movies. We boarded a bus to the Independence Museum where we sat in the very room where David Ben-Gurion declared Israel a state. We learned a lot about that day, May 14, 1948. It felt like an honor to sit where someone so great once stood. 

Again, we boarded a bus to the Tel Nof air base. Here they took our phones ( for the sake of security) and showed us a real twin-tail plane including inside the cockpit. We learned about fighting gear, types of planes, and how long it takes to become an operational pilot for the Israeli Air Force. I finally got insight into what it takes to be able to serve this magnificent country, and it's not as easy as I imagined. 

We left the air base and went back to the school. After an imprompt "water fight", we begun my favorite part of today- an open bus tour of over Tel Aviv with blasting music and dancing. My friends and I had insane amounts of fun collecting high fives from strangers on the beach, dancing, and taking a lot of selfies and it's an experience I won't forget. 
Today taught me that you can't get used to the way Tel Aviv is like. It will continue to take your breath away even you've been there for years. 


Independence Museum


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