Monday, May 12, 2014

Proud to be a Kadima Student

Maccabee on behalf of his classmates:

I am so proud to be a Kadima student. Throughout my day with my friends I really figured out what a great and special group we are. Starting at the Knesset, when the docent heard all of our questions and answers, he asked if we were bored due to how many things we already knew. With every question, many of us had an answer. When we arrived at the Kotel, it was a place so familiar. I knew it so well due to my diligent learning at school. We had known this place for so long. At the tunnel tours  (Minharot Hakotel) our guide told us that we were an exceptional group and that our knowledge was beyond our years. That is what I call a Kadima student. Through the quality time I've spent with my grade, I've truly learned what a great group we are. 

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