Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kadima Welcomes Delegates from Ort Yad Singalovski

Kadima Day School is a proud participant in the Jewish Federation’s Tel Aviv/Los Angeles School Twinning Program, connecting schools in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. This powerful initiative has impacted 60,000 students, parents, and faculty through jointly prepared curricula, teacher trainings, and delegation exchanges. Visiting students live with a host family and study history, literature, language, pluralistic Judaism, Zionism and the sciences at their partner school. The resulting connection between the students transcends the distance between Israel and L.A., transforms school cultures and creates a shared Jewish identity and destiny.
For the past several year's Kadima has partnered with the Ort Yad Singalovski school in Tel Aviv as part of  this program.   This week we welcome 11 delegates and their chaperones who are staying in Kadima homes and celebrating Hanukkah with us, in addition to having an educational and cultural exploration of Los Angeles. This program is being hosted by the Kadima 8th grade with involvement by all of the middle school faculty and administrators, and coordinated by our very own Rabbi Chaim Singer-Frankes and Yardena Shamir. 

This week alone, all students - including Kadima's 8th grade and the delegates, met in Santa Monica upon the arrival of our guests and enjoyed breakfast at Mishon Tephilo, a historic synagogue located in Venice and enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of our local beach communities.  

On Monday, students began their day on campus and departed on a field trip to the California Science Center. Tuesday brought opportunities for tzedekah work with delegates volunteering their time at SOVA, one of the local food pantries providing free groceries and services to local individuals in need, regardless of age, ethnicity or religion.  Yesterday, all 8th grade students and delegates traveled to the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Museum of Tolerance.  Today, students are on campus participating in Middle School morning services and then are learning about the diversity within the Los Angeles Community.  Later in the day, they will be visiting historical downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, Hollywood, and other communities of the city. 

If you have not yet had the chance to meet the delegates, and you are on the Kadima campus, please be sure to say hello.

Connection to Israel, the language  and the culture of Israel, and of the Jewish people, is an important part of Kadima's educational mission as we grow students who become leaders in the Jewish community for years to come. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

6th and 7th Graders at Camp Mountain Chai in Big Bear

The 6th and 7th graders are enjoying a mountain retreat at Camp Mountain Chai near Big Bear this week.  The opportunity to bond and enjoy friendships in the mountain environment created a beautiful back drop for Shavuot study sessions as well.  Students have enjoyed the local trails, ropes course, sports activities, games of Gaga, delicious food in the dining hall and an opportunity to be in nature.

Be sure to enjoy the pictures below:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sacramento Here We Come

Kadima 4th and 5th graders, along with their teachers and parent chaperones are off to Sacramento for the next two days.  They departed from Burbank airport bright and early this morning for their short flight to Sacramento.  Over the next two days, students will learn about California's state capitol first hand, experience frontier life, and engage in hands on learning.  They will visit Sutter's Mill and Sutter's Fort and add experiences to their textbook knowledge of the establishment of the state of California and the western frontier.  We wish them safe travels and look forward to learning from them! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Traveling South and then to Jerusalem

The last several days have been packed with on-going activity for the 8th grade delegation traveling through Israel with sister school Ort Yad Singalovski.  On Friday, students traveled through the southern part of Israel and visited the Judea Desert, the Dead Sea, Bedouin Tents and enjoyed iconic Camel Rides. They learned about the collective memory of Jewish heroes throughout the generations and of the struggle for survival in Masada.

After enjoying Shabbat with their host families and Havdalah Saturday evening, students then embarked on more travels on Sunday.

Students will spend 2 days in Jerusalem, visiting the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, City of David, and  Hezekiah's Tunnel.  They will learn about Herzel at the Herzel Museum and his vision for a Jewish state, and spend time at Yad Va'Shem, the world center for Holocaust research, education, dedication and commemoration.

During this time of the year in Israel the whole country has mixed feelings of sorrow and joy. On one hand we mourn the loss of our soldiers, but on the other hand we celebrate the existence and independence of the Jewish state.  Here are some more reflections and pictures from our students. 

Adam V: "Yesterday we visited Jerusalem and I was very touched. This is a beautiful city that is historically important to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Just being in Jerusalem makes me feel happy and proud. The most fought over land in all of history is now a Jewish State. That alone is remarkable, but the fact that we maintain diversity and share our accomplishments is unbelievable. I believe that the most touching part was putting on Tefillin and praying in front of the last remaining wall of the outside of the holy temple. There is no feeling in the world that is as moving."

Maya Z: "It was the first time I felt a strong connection with my religion. Seeing so many Jewish people pray in one place, makes me feel like I belong. I wrote a “petek” (note) and stuck it inside the wall. I felt like all my prayers would be answered. Afterwards, we all went to the Mount Hertzl cemetery. At first I felt sad and I did not know what to do. I had this emotional reaction to someone I don't even know. It was moving to see the fallen IDF soldiers graves, including Michael Levine, Max Steinberg, and others. To our surprise Michael Levine's parents were there as we were learning about him. It was such an honor meeting the parents of someone who quickly became my hero. I felt such energy run into me and out of me. It was a very emotional experience and a different type of feeling, and I liked it. "

More reflections to come from our students as we continue our journey...

Camel Ride in Israel

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Students Arrive Safely and Commemorate Yom HaShoah

Kadima's student delegation arrived in Israel safely yesterday.  For many it is their first trip to Israel and for others it was a "return home."  After being greeted by their student hosts, the delegates headed straight from Ben Gurion airport to the old city of Jaffa, and then to their host families to upack and get some rest.  Today, students engaged in Tikkun Olam activities at a home for the aging.  They also went to a play about Anne Frank (in Hebrew) and paid witness to the country wide commemorative siren in Israel in honor of Yom HaShoah. 

Welcome to Israel! 

Welcome to Israel!

On our way to Jaffa!

At a home for the aging. 


Yom HaShoah Siren