Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kadima Delegation to Israel Arrives Safely!

Kadima is pleased to participate in the Jewish Federation's Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Twinning Program. The Jewish Federation’s Tel Aviv/Los Angeles School Twinning Program connects schools in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. This powerful initiative has impacted 60,000 students, parents, and faculty through jointly prepared curricula, teacher trainings, and delegation exchanges. Visiting students live with a host family and study history, literature, language, pluralistic Judaism, Zionism and the sciences at their partner school. The resulting connection between the students transcends the distance between Israel and L.A., transforms school cultures and creates a shared Jewish identity and destiny.

This year, 6 Kadima 8th grade delegates, along with 2 chaperones are visiting the Kadima sister school, Ort Yad Singolovsky, as part of the Twinning Program.  

The delegates departed for their trip on Sunday, and not only have they safely arrived and settled in with their host families, but they have begun their educatonal experience.  Upon arrival,  the students visited the old city of Jaffa.  Today, they started with a visit to Ort Yad Singolovsy, learned bout Yitzchak Rabin's legacy, visited the Independence Hall Museum, and Kikar Rabin and will conclude their day with an open bus tour of Tel Aviv, leaning about Tel Avv's history. 

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