Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shabbat Shalom & Shavua Tov from the 8th Grade Delegates in Israel

For Shabbat/Friday night dinner, the students spent the evening with their host families. On Shabbat morning they attended services at a Sepharadic temple named Hechal HaNess, where our students and Rabbi Bluman were called for 2 Aliyot and Birkat HaCohanim. The delegation received a blessing from their Rabbi. After services, the delegation met for a picnic brunch at the park. The pictures below are from Saturday evening, where the delegation enjoyed an ethnic music show with Nir Kravitz - it was tons of fun and there were many instruments. After the show, the students went for ice cream in the old city of Jaffa.

Orian, Mika, Leore and Skye

On Sunday, the delegates visited the IDF Museum, where they learned about Israel's wars, Tzahal officers, Israel security forces and what Yom HaZikaron (Remembrance Day) means for Israelis.  They also visited the Rabin memorial, where they learned about Itzchak Rabin, his peace legacy and his assassination, after which they placed a wreath on his grave. After that, they enjoyed an Israeli lunch at Aboulafiya bakery.  

Toby, Edan, Ian, Ronen, and Avi

Delegates at the Rabin Memorial along with Rabbi Bluman, and Mrs. Yalovsky.

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