Friday, May 13, 2011

Final Update: 8th Grade Delegates in Israel Travel South and to Jerusalem Before Heading Home

The last two days have been filled with much adventure for Kadima delegates in Israel.  In addition to traveling to the southern part of the country, they enjoyed camel rides, made it to the top of Masada, and floated in the Dead Sea.  The next day they headed to Jerusalem where they spent time at Mount Herzel at Herzel's gravesite, visited Yad VaShem (Israel's Holocaust memorial), had lunch at Sami's at the Machneh Yehudah Shuk, and made a final stop in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jewish Quarter and HaKotel (the Wailing Wall).  This will be our last update from Israel, as the students enjoy their final Shabbat in the holy land before heading home.  We wish them safe travels. 

The top of Masada

Floating in the Dead Sea

Enjoying Dead Sea Mud

Herzl's Gravesite

Orian, Skye, Leore and Mika at the Kotel

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