Thursday, May 5, 2011

8th Grade Delegation Arrives in Israel

The Kadima delegation was greeted warmly upon arriving in Israel.  Each student started their trip by re-uniting with Ort Yad Sigalovski (Ort) students who visited Kadima this past fall.  They kicked off their welcome breakfast, as a group, with an introduction to "Choco BeSakit" (chocolate milk in a bag), followed by a morning discussion and then an art class at Ort.  The delegation also visited a local museum exhibit titled Dialogue in the Dark and experienced an interactive workshop to discover the unseen.  To learn more about Dialogue in the Dark, please visit their website at

Welcome Breakfast

Morning Discussion

Ort Art Class

Delegates and their hosts outside the Dialogue in the Dark exhibit

Rabbi Bluman along with 3 students

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