Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bruchim HaBaim - Welcome to Israel

Kadima 8th grade delegates to sister school Ort Yad Singalovski, in Tel Aviv, departed from Los Angeles yesterday and have safely arrived in Israel today! This trip is part of the Tel-Aviv Los Angeles school twinning program of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles.  By connecting Kadima students to students in Israel, we fulfill one of the key points of our school mission - creating a love for and connection with our Jewish homeland of Israel.  Students spend their Kadima educational careers learning about and supporting Israel.  This culminating experience, as graduating 8th graders, enhances this connection.  For some this is their first trip ever to Israel; for others the trip shines a light on Israel in a way they have never seen it before!  We invite you to track this blog and watch their experiences together as they learn, grow and honor Israel. 

Upon their arrival, students were greeted warmly by their hosts. Upon arrival in Israel, students and their chaperones took a bus to the old city of Yaffo. They walked along the cobbled stones of a city that is 5000 years old and enjoyed views of the modern city of Tel Aviv. Our Kadima students loved reconnecting with their Israeli partners. After their walking tour through Yaffo, they were picked up by their host families, exhausted but happy!

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  1. Hi guys! Brukhim Ha'Baim to Eretz Yisrael! I hope you're adjusting to the jet lag. Some of you look pretty exhausted in those pictures, so try to get a good night sleep.

    Wishing you a wonderful first couple days in Israel and looking forward to your next blog posting!

    -Reb Chaim