Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washington DC Trip Continues...

The 3rd day of the Washington DC trip began with a tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, led by former Kadima teacher Steven Baer.   Students spent more than 2 hours a in the museum.  Our students struggled at times with the content, but during their stay at the museum they wrote poetry, drew the face of a person who was lost in the Holocaust, reflected on the society, the final solution, and the heroes that were discovered.  Following our museum tour, we stood in front of the "eternal flame" in the special chapel at the museum, and said the word of the shema, v'ahavta and morner's kaddish.  There were moments of discomfort and sadness, and others of great meaning and hope.  

Following the museum visit, students had lunch at the Holocaust Museum diner, and then headed out for lighter and simpler adventures, including a tour of the Newseum.  At the Newseum (to learn more, visit, students learned about media, toured a 9/11 exhibit, became reporters, saw the real Berlin Wall, and learned about the ethics of journalism.  

The next stop was the Kennedy Center and a performance of "Sheer Madness". The students enjoyed the comedy, drama and improv of the performance.  

Spy Museum
George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
In Front of the White House for a photo op! 

At the Ford Theatre

Sheer Madness Actor

At the Kennedy Center

Ford Theatre

Washington Monument

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